444 blunders that (almost) changed history

omslag 444 blundersIn April 2015 my fifth has been published by Lannoo.

A bad working drug that becomes the world's most popular drink, a missed exit that causes World War One, a translation error due to which Moses was depicted with horns for centuries ...

How differently would the world be if we were all to blunder less? We will never know.
However, you clearly don't have to worry too much when you're once again committing a serious error. The 444 funny blunders in this book clearly demonstrate you are not the only one!

ISBN 978 94 014 2405 9

'666 lies...' has been translated!

My book '666 lies everybody believes' has been translated into Chinese and has been published on the Chinese book market in March 2015.

ISBN: 978-7-5153-2833-1

Chinese copies

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555 completely useless facts

Cover - 555 completely useless facts

After the big success of 666 lies everybody believes' this new book has been published in April 2014 in which I turn the concept around.

555 completely useless facts is a new book filled with exciting, interesting but completely useless petty facts.
There are no words in Dutch that rhyme with 'twaalf' (twelve) or 'herfst' (autumn), armadillos only get quadruplets, and it is impossible to hum with your nose closed.
Thanks to these and 552 other useless facts you always have something to say in any conversation.

More than 6,200 copies sold!

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The history of Flanders

The history of Flanders consists of 36 chapters and runs from the Roman age to the end of the 14th century when Flanders ceases to be a independent state. Only in the 21st century will Flanders have a prospect of independence.

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Concise course of Basque

The Basque language or euskara is one of the oldest European languages. It is not only spoken in Spain but also in France. The Basque language has a large number of dialects. You can find them in every Basque province.

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DX hobby

Despite modern technologies such as DAB, DRM, internet, satellite, etc. listening to medium and short wave remains very exciting.

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About Herman Boel

Herman Boel is a full-time freelance translator and the author of four books.

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